Tuesday, September 1, 2015

when people talk.

Honestly, it's not summer until I've read Elin Hilderbrand's annual Nantucket novel. Sitting right here.

I've been looking forward to The Rumor since the weather got warm, saving it for my three-day mini vacation to my cottage before school begins. This work of fiction was created while Elin was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. And although I didn't fall in love with the characters like some I've met in her past novels, the storyline was on point as usual. The entire premise of the story was to shed light on the ugliness and ridiculousness of rumors spread in small towns (or small islands). It's main characters, Grace and Madeline who are best friends, their husbands Eddie and Trevor, and their children, Allegra, Hope, and Brick had their own share of drama that was all typically misunderstood by the gossiping cliques on Nantucket, except for when it wasn't. These characters also learned that their reputations aren't as important as who they are as people. And the eyes of loved ones are the only eyes they should worry about impressing. Eddie learned that one the hard way.

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