Wednesday, September 2, 2015

a theory that works.

My parents desperately need to train their little yippy dogs, but refuse. They never trained their children either so it makes sense. But I did share what I learned from Team Dog: How to Train Your Dog the Navy Seal Way this AMAZING audio CD I received by Mike Ritland with them. And so far, they are ignoring me. But if you're planning on getting a new dog anytime soon, I would listen up.

First of all, Ritland is VERY descriptive (and repetitive) on how to train your dog. He's super NAVY oriented, lots of teamwork and mutual respect between canine and master, stuff like that. Keep in mind that this book is filled with the basics for every new dog owner, you are not expected to send your puppy into a raging battle on the sea after reading this book. Ritland will also show you how to turn your new BFF into a well-trained social dog which is necessary if you're the sidewalk cafĂ© or dog park type of person. Which if you're not, you should probably also pick up a self-help book for yourself on being more social. Just a thought.

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