Tuesday, August 25, 2015

a lot of funny.

You're Making Me Hate You by Corey Taylor attracted me instantly because I pretty much hate everyone. I like about three people, and tolerate everyone else. I know this is mostly my own fault because I have no patience for anyone else's lives but my own, but I do think people are partially to blame. You're Making Me Hate You is pretty much a rant. And sometimes I am in the mood to just roast everyone, so I get Taylor's purpose. Did you bring your toddler to a restaurant after 7pm? I hate you. And children at the grocery store? Oh my god I definitely hate you. I literally wanted to SMACK (but I didn't) the kids at school when "YOLO" was a thing. And none of this is my fault, or Taylor's. We are just trying to live our lives, yes, the only one we have. One of my favorite parts of the book is Chapter 10 when Taylor blows up his own spot. Because no one is perfect, not even the two of us. His rant on fashion was a little over my head because I just don't look at people long enough to process what they are wearing. Because again, I pretty much hate everyone, but the whole book is super entertaining.

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