Monday, August 24, 2015

waiting for plum.

When I'm feeling impatient and feigning for the next Stephanie Plum novel (which rumor has it is soon??), I snag one of the "between-the-numbers" novels so I can get my fix. This time I went to the library and grabbed Plum Spooky. I don't even know what order they go in, but they are super easy to follow since they all involve the handsome, not quite all the way human, Diesel who pops up out of nowhere to follow some paranormal criminal and helps himself to Stephanie's bed with her in it. This time around Stephanie has a big ticket FTA to hunt, and he's mixed up with a real bad guy who happens to be Diesel's cousin. Stephanie has a way of tackling a problem and kicking it in the nuts, which I always enjoy. And Janet Evanovich can make me literally LOL over a monkey flipping someone off. A dozen or so times and I seriously laughed every time. As far as inbetweeners go, this was a good read.

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