Monday, December 29, 2014

inspiring travel stories from around the world.

The world's top travel writers share their best adventures in Chance Encounters: Travel Tales from Around the World, a collection of stories edited by Janna Graber, and it is my favorite book of the moment. I love to travel. It's in my spirit. A couple times a year I get the itch to take off to a place I've never been. It's how I find myself again. And thank God I have a husband who understands that because he can't always come along. I just booked a trip to Honolulu in February to see a friend who is stationed there as a traveling nurse. It's hard to believe I have to take an 11 hour plane ride to an American state, but I am beyond excited to see such an exotic part of my country. Anyways, enough about me, let's get back to the stories. Tales from Korea to Nepal to Turkey to Paris, exploring countries and cultures. There is a story based in Hawaii as well, and Finland and Berlin, and so many other wonderful places I would give my left pinky finger to visit, 23 countries in all. This collection of stories is about how chance encounters can add depth to a journey. How the people you meet can change you. It makes me anxious to see what my next adventure has in store.

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