Friday, December 26, 2014

fox & o'hare book #3.

Special Agent Kate O’Hare and the sexiest man on the FBI's Most Wanted list, Nicolas Fox are back for another extreme take-down in The Job by Janet Evanovich and Lee Goldberg when they get the gang together to go after a ruthless drug lord who likes to torture people for kicks among other gross things. Anyways, Kate, Fox, Jake and his war buddies along with Willie, Boyd, and a few new characters pull off one hell of a con when they convince this dangerous drug lord that they have found buried treasure and pull off a crazy scheme with movie effects to make it all seem real. Remember, no one but a few people in the FBI know that Fox is working the good side (sort of), so the drug lord take down cannot take down Fox. That's when things get complicated.

I read this novel during Christmas break, which is still happening and I'm still loving it. Anything with Evanovich and Goldberg teaming up, I'm gonna read within a few days. It's easy, fun, sexy and dangerous. But come on you two, let's get Kate and Fox naked, together, in the same room. Really though.

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