Monday, December 8, 2014

find your cat's mojo.

My hubby and I are obsessed with our cats, Bruce Smith and Atticus. Like, we kiss them on the mouth. It's really disturbing, but whatever. As a cat fanatic, Catification by Jackson Galaxy and Kate Benjamin was right up our wheelhouse. The first half of the book is devoted to learning about your feline so that you can give them what they need in an indoor-only setting, which is technically not natural for them. Included is basic information about your cat, their vision, touch, certain sensitivities, and also what their body language says about them and how they are feeling. This information will also help you handle any behavior issues you are experiencing. The second half of the book includes everything you need to know about creating cat-friendly home environment with design tips and DIY projects. If you view your cats as family, this is the book for you.

I can't wait to improve the everyday lives of my boys with all of these great ideas. Oh, you are wondering about their personalities? Sure, I'll tell you about them. Atticus is a pretty average cat, he can usually be found trotting next to us around the house with his tail up, ready to party, or on the couch napping. Bruce on the other hand is a bit neurotic. And his tail curls, like, in a Curly-Q, so he doesn't really follow the normal cat tail rules. I can assume that 80% of the time he is agitated, the other 20% of the time he cries by my feet and wants me to hold him like a baby.

(when they were little ones)

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