Friday, December 5, 2014

review & giveaway in one!

The whole idea behind Andrew Wommack's Don't Limit God: Imagine Yourself Successful is that one way or another, all of us have limited God at some point in our lives, and in return did not live up to our full potential. Wommack believes (and he has Bible verses to back him up) that God has made you the leader of your own life, giving you giant purpose no matter who you are. If you squander that purpose by being afraid or ignoring Him, whatever your personality is, well, it's going to be super sad. Because God has a plan for your life, but that plan can't happen without your permission.

Maybe instead of seeing the bigger picture and all the possibilities having God in your life can bring, you simply think too small. You think to yourself, I can't do this, I can't do that, That will never happen. If you'd like to think differently, be lifted up, find success or whatever it is you're missing, Don't Limit God is exactly the book for you, so enter to win a FREE copy!

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