Tuesday, September 23, 2014

pretty much my biggest fear.

The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh is not at all what I expected. I mean, whoa. I've been reading easy breezy beach reads for the past few weeks, I was not properly prepared for the intenseness of this novel. Forty-something Jenn and her husband are joined by her step-daughter, Emma and her seventeen-year old boyfriend, Nathan on their annual holiday vacation to Spain (at Emma's insistence). Taking place over the course of seven days, Jenn finds herself being drawn to the beautiful Nathan and his youthfulness mostly because she has lost her own. As her actions turn reckless, readers will feel some major heat in lots of places despite the fact the whole basis of this novel is super immoral, and a tad illegal. Honestly, the characters weren't my favorite, but I didn't have to like Mrs. Robinson to enjoy her story if you catch my drift.

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