Monday, September 29, 2014

holding you over until maisie dobbs comes back.

Jacqueline Winspear's novels are so rich in history and SO much better than any history class I've ever been in. And in light of the 100th anniversary of WWI, this author does not disappoint!  

The Care and Management of Lies is a tale of love and war set before and during WWI in England that takes the reader through different facets of WWI history using several perspectives. Set on both a farm in Kent and France where the fighting was occurring, we meet Kezia Brissendon, a school teacher in London turned farmer's wife, and her husband Tom who decides to join the Army in August of 2014. Their story is told partially through letters, and it is easy to see the love this couple has as they make sure not to tell each other the whole truth of what the other is experiencing while apart (now you may understand the title). There are other characters as well, Thea the suffragist and Edmund fighting on the front lines, all are connected, and all share their sides and the awful truths of war.

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