Tuesday, August 12, 2014

ray bradberry's world has come.

I am trying so hard to become more tech savvy, but it's so hard, and I'm SO lazy, even though the whole point of jumping on the hardware bandwagon is to make our lives easier. I have to say though, Make: Sensors: A Hands-On Primer for Monitoring the Real World with Arduino and Raspberry Pi by Tero and Kimmo Karvinen is a great book for beginners, even me.
Arduino, a microcontroller board, and Raspberry Pi, a fully functional mini-computer, are both cheap and very good at reading the world around them. They both include plenty of inputs and outputs for sensory add-ons to test light, temperature, humidity, amongst other things. Now, this book shows you how to easily use these DIY sensors all while retaining total control of your connected devices, so you can double down on security measures to your heart’s content. And this is just a little taste.

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