Monday, August 11, 2014

for the more sophisticated young adult.

There once was a girl named Rose who liked dark things. Her mother died when she was five and ever since she's been traveling around in a mobile home with her alcoholic father who just can't seem to make it work anywhere permanent. When they arrive at a small coastal town Rose   meets Pearl, who is a ray of light through the dark clouds of her soul. It was then that Rose's life changed. She herself started finding light in other aspects of her life, even without Pearl to guide her with her brightness. This is what the young adult novel set on the coast of Australia titled The Midnight Dress by Karen Foxlee is about, among a million other things. It can be dark and rather tragic, but I would say it's a bit of a love story as it includes young love, unrequited love, forbidden love, and the unbreakable bond that forms when you meet your kindred spirit. There is the occasional f-bomb, but your more mature high school girl will definitely get something out of Foxlee's unique characters, captivating imagery, and unique storyline.

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