Friday, August 1, 2014

jackson keeps you reading.

Shandi Pierce is a young, single mother just trying to finish college and raise her kid at the same time. Sounds pretty normal right? Well, she also thinks her three-year-old is the product of immaculate conception, but let's not judge a character by their crazy. Now that she has her degree, Shandi has packed her car with her son Natty, her best friend, and all her worldly belongings to move to Atlanta to be closer to family. On the road trip, she crosses paths with William Ashe at a highway convenience store just as a gunman holds the place up, and William steps between the robber and her son. Shandi is beyond grateful for this act of heroism, as you can imagine, and falls in love with the man. William is a scientist, on the autism spectrum, and didn't think that he was being brave so much as he thought it was his destiny. Basically, Joshilyn Jackson's Someone Else's Love Story is a love story revolving around people who are a bit outside the norm, which are always my favorite people.

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