Thursday, July 31, 2014

grandma mazur has a bucket list.

The second book I read on my honeymoon was Top Secret Twenty One of the Stephanie Plum Novels by Janet Evanovich. Not quite as romantic as Nora Roberts seeing as Steph's still a bounty hunter chasing random bail jumpers with her partner, Lula who is a large dark complected former ho who dresses in spandex. But hey, Ranger always gets my juices flowing.

Anyways, Stephanie's life hasn't changed much since the previous installment. I do kind of wish that Janet would get a move on with the love triangle between her, Ranger and Morelli. I mean, who's it gonna be? For real? Moving on to the story. The skip that Stephanie has to deal with this time around is Jimmy Poletti, who was jailed for selling both cars and young girls out of his car dealership. Little guy Randy Briggs asks Stephanie for help because Jimmy allegedly bombed his apartment and car, so she let's him stay with her even though he's impossibly annoying because she's hoping Jimmy will catch his scent and come after him. Meanwhile all of Jimmy's friends are turning up shot dead, and no one exactly knows who's to blame, or who's next.

Stephanie still works for Ranger on the side, helping him with the jobs that require boobs, all while trying not to take his clothes off. When Rangeman is almost taken down by a deadly gas that I forgot the name of, both Ranger and Stephanie figure out it's a blast from Ranger's past out to get him. The guy is still pretty upset about the time Ranger took one of his eyeballs out. That turns into something that I'll just let you read about yourself. The good news is Lula is dating a 300 pound skipee and Grandma Mazur got to see Ranger naked in Atlantic City.

I love this series.

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