Monday, May 5, 2014

try to find one page in this book that doesn't describe you.

I love a good parody, and making (good natured) fun of parents who are a bit over the top is just a bonus. Authors Jen Nessel, Lizzy Ratner, and illustrator Sara Pinto have created a hilarious satire titled Goodnight Nanny-Cam based on the beloved children's book (that was never read to me, by the way) Goodnight Moon.

Each page depicts the lives of many modern parents. With their environmentally friendly homes, French flashcards and baby Mozart playing on their iHome docs. Their baby gates taking over their entire house making it look like a prison. A quick jab at the weird names that are so common today. It's super funny, especially if you are one of those parents who are obsessed with Baby Einstein and are determined to make sure that your child is a genius. Okay, maybe it won't be that funny to you, but it will be funny to your parents who undoubtedly think you're insane.

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