Tuesday, May 6, 2014

what aren't we capable of?

The "runner's high," or "flow," the term for our optimal state of consciousness, is real. And this "high" isn't something that can only be achieved by running or physical activity, it can happen in the workplace, you can get a "creative high". Whatever makes you feel invincible, and capable of doing more than you ever thought possible. That's flow. And that's what bestselling author Steven Kotler's The Rise of Superman is all about. How to achieve this flow in normal activities (not just the Olympics).

Flow happens when you're in a state of intense creativity and high mental energy. Kotler explains the science behind how flow happens, and provides some tips for activating flow (he has more on his blog as well). So that you can get the most out of whatever you throw yourself into. The Rise of Superman is very athletic oriented with a ton of research, which will interest many of you. I do hope that Kotler comes out with another book emphasizing more on how to activate flow in business and everyday life.

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