Thursday, May 1, 2014

mad men era manhattan.

I loved Beatriz Williams' novel A Hundred Summers so I was super pumped when I received The Secret Life of Violet Grant to read and review, especially since Lily and Nick had a bit of a cameo in this new novel. Williams writes about 1960's Manhattan as if it still exists (I mean, it kind of does through Don Draper), and her heroine's family secrets always shock readers as much as the characters themselves. Her latest novel is packed full of dark family secrets as Vivian Schuler of the Park Avenue Schuler's learns about her great aunt Violet Schuler Grant who must have does something terrible to be excommunicated from the family tree. Williams travels between 1964 New York and 1914 Europe telling the story of these two women, living cocktail-filled heartbreaking lives decades apart.

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