Wednesday, March 12, 2014

laws that aren't meant to be broken.

Many of you are familiar with Tony Horton and his fitness chain P90X. I'm more of an Insanity girl myself, but I can appreciate what Horton has to offer, especially when it comes to strength training. Anyways, this popular fitness pro has come out with a book titled The Big Picture: 11 Laws That Will Change Your Life which works as a guide to a more healthy lifestyle. This book is perfect for those of you who have considered purchasing the program, but haven't been able to take the plunge. It's a great introduction to Horton's philosophy on health and fitness, and his motivational words are contagious, even from the page.

The Big Picture is separated into 11 chapters or "laws" and appear as follows:
  • Do your best and forget the rest
  • Find your purpose
  • Have a plan
  • Variety is the spice of...everything
  • Consistency reigns supreme
  • Crank up the intensity
  • Love it or leave it
  • Get real
  • Find a balance
  • Stay flexible
  • The three R's: Recharge, Recover, Relax
The titles of these chapters really speak for themselves. Included is advice, practical strategies, and that Tony Horton charisma.

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