Thursday, March 27, 2014

crime novel.

Inspired by the Salsbury fraud scandal of the 1970s, After I'm Gone tells the story of Felix Brewer, a very successful (and shady) business man who prides himself on supporting his wife Bambi, three daughters AND stripper girlfriend, Julie. What a catch. Felix is living large, until he isn't, and forced to face jail time for racketeering. Like most successful and shady businessmen, he disappears. Everyone thinks that him and Julie are in on it together after she vanishes a decade after Felix, but when Julie's body is found everyone is just plain confused.

Now twenty-six years after Julie's body was found, retired detective, Sandy Sanchez takes on the cold case for some extra cash. The novel goes back and forth in time from the 1950's, when Felix and Bambi met, to the present, where we learn about Felix's three daughters through Sanchez's investigation, and the life that they and Bambi live after Felix left.

Author Laura Lippman really delivers with a novel filled with family secrets, characters full of emotion, and a plot that twists and turns.

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