Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"old bones are likely to have been powerful bones"

Beloved British author Penelope Lively has come out with a memoir of sorts, sharing what has shaped her life and her own personal reflection on aging. Dancing Fish and Ammonites, I did have to look up what an ammonite was, embarrassingly enough, and it's one of those fossils that looks like rams horns. I'm dumb, get over it. Moving on, Dancing Fish and Ammonites looks upon old age with gratitude, which is refreshing (says the twenty-eight year old).

In this collection of stories Lively looks back on her life, telling of the times and people that have influenced her most and the treasured belongings that have survived with her. Lively is known for writing children and adult fiction, so this intimacy is quite a treat. She shares the benefits of no longer being in "the thick of things" and her honesty will benefit any of you struggling with the aging process. I need to remember to reread this charming book when I enter my sunset years.

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