Monday, December 9, 2013

the delphi trilogy.

I love me some young adult suspense, and I am totally loving this new trilogy by Chris Everhart, so much in fact that I read Book 1 & 2 in just a few days. It is definitely the type of series that will catch the attention of more reluctant readers, as Everhart’s writing is very descriptive (in a good way) giving teenage readers the ability to easily “see” the characters and environment they are reading about. And the Delphi aspect comes from real ancient Greek history incorporated into the books. Very cool.

In The League of Delphi, book 1 of the Delphi Trilogy, 17-year-old Zach has returned to his hometown to rediscover who he is. He has spent that last ten years hiding out on strict orders from his mother to never reveal his real true identity. Now that she has passed away from cancer, he finally goes home to find some answers. In the midst of his digging to figure out what happened in his own past, Zach teams up with a girl named Ashley and discovers that the entire town is being controlled by a secret society that has the entire population under surveillance. And the secrets just keep on coming out…

In book 2, titled The Delphi Deception, Romance continues to brew between Zach and Ashley, and when trouble strikes he will do anything to save her. Zach and an unlikely accomplice team up to try to solve the mystery that surrounds the entire town and save his first love. This installment delivers the same page-turning action and suspense as the first, turning this series into one that both teens and adults can enjoy.

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