Tuesday, December 10, 2013

not that you’re planning for it, but just in case it happens.

Divorce. Bah, what an ugly word. I hated that my parents were divorced growing up. Coming from a broken home and having a different last name than my mom, it sucked. I didn’t want my parents to still be together by any means, I just wished my mom had picked a different guy to marry and have babies with the first time around. The thing is, divorce happens and it could happen to anybody – EVEN Christians. No one is safe. Elisabeth Klein Corcoran is sharing some details from her own divorce in hopes to help others in her book titled Unraveling: Hanging onto Faith Through the End of a Christian Marriage. The absolute best thing about Unraveling is how candid Corcoran gets with readers. She is honest and real, and this is what makes this self-help so helpful. In each chapter of Unraveling, she walks us through a different emotion you will feel if your marriage is coming apart, and after each chapter she leaves us with a Prayer - and A Next Step - and A Way Forward. So instead of feeling defeated, you are filled with courage and hope for the future. Amen to that!

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