Friday, December 6, 2013

must-read memoir.

The title Preemptive Love by Jeremy Courtney already had me thinking at first glance. First the title, Preemptive Love, which is a love that is both proactive and preventative. A love that saves people. Along with a strong anti-violence message, that is what this memoir is all about.

Jeremy, an American who was working in Iraq couldn’t help but notice the huge backlog of children waiting for heart surgery. He, his family and other supporters established a non-profit organization called the Preemptive Love Coalition in hopes to save as many sick children as possible. This is his story including all of the life-threatening challenges he faced in a country that is known for its violence and chemical warfare. One of his mantras, “love first, ask questions later” will stay with you long after the last page.

I have received a free copy of this book from Howard Books, for my honest review. The opinions expressed here are my own.

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