Friday, August 10, 2012

simple story, great concept.

My grandma is constantly giving me advice. Advice that I typically do not ask for. She has been around for seventy-six years, and she honestly believes that she knows everything about everything. I know that she means well, but I have never been one to take advice. I am more of a after I hit rock bottom, I'll ask you for advice kind of girl. It drives everyone crazy.

Ten Girls to Watch is Charity Shumway's debut novel, and I honestly hope it's the first of many. Dawn Smith is the epitome of the twenty-something trying to make it in New York City. Ditching law school in favor of writing, she is struggling until she lands a gig at a well-known magazine. Her job is to track down every woman who made the Ten Girls to Watch list, fifty years ago and interview them.

Through the life stories of these fascinating women, Dawn is given advice on success, love and friendship. Shumway has woven this characters journey into the stories of each woman she interviews. Personally, I found this novel to be extremely relateable as a twenty-something who's dreams are taking their sweet time to come true.

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