Sunday, August 5, 2012

husbands and wives, just stay off the internet.

I'm looking to be a wife one day. Lately, I've been sending ring pops in the mail to manfriend in hopes to move the process along a little. Truth is, I don't really know how to be a wife. And I'm thinking there isn't a tailor made instructional book that will guide me through every struggle my future marriage has. My mom would probably tell me that the Bible fits that description, but I am a realist, and the Bible has a lot of pages of lines to read between.

Wife 22 is a novel written by Melanie Gideon about a wife and mother who, like many real women, is having trouble keeping the spark alive in her marriage. Alice Buckle typed "Happy Marriage" into her Google search engine and was invited to participate in a research study about marriage. All she had to do was answer questions given to her by a caseworker behind the name 'Wife 22'. Through the answering of such personal questions about her life and her marriage, Alice developed a bit of a bond with her caseworker 'Researcher 101'. Daily conversations that gave her the ability to open up and explore her feelings anonymously, built one of those weird online relationships between them. Allowing Alice to communicate in a way that she couldn't with her husband, William. Uh oh, I smell trouble.

Probably I'll just let fictional characters guide me in my own marriage.

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