Monday, August 6, 2012

hiking the tallest mountains and surfing every ocean.

It's travel memoir time, it's travel memoir time. Kind of like peanut butter jelly time, but better. As you know, I LOVE to travel. It's my thing, my happiness, my passion swimming through my gypsy blood. I love adventures and living out of a backpack. When I'm abroad, I honestly don't miss my bed or my life at all. It's about me, solely and completely. Okay, I lied. I totally missed manfriend when I was in Ireland, which was a first for me, but that just means I'm in love and shit.

In Santorini, Greece last summer.

To The Last Breath, a memoir by Frances Slakey, has made my recent travel itch even worse.  Frances is much more of a risk taker than I am on my travels, on account of his adventures took him to the top of Mt. Everest and hitchhiking across Asia, while mine had me on the back of a Greek strangers motorcycle and swimming naked in the Mediterranean. However, our eating habits were similar. You will laugh out loud at parts and be in awe of others. This is an incredible memoir. Frances took the time to live selfishly and dangerously...(listen boys)....BEFORE he got married, and ended up finding his wife on his journey to find himself.

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