Monday, June 25, 2012

gaining a competitive edge with your reputation.

Let me begin by voicing my opinion, very unlike me, I know. I have been through many interviews in my life, never for anything major, and definitely not for any teaching jobs, but I am still quite familiar with the interview process. Initially, personality is everything. People want to work with someone totally rad, so if you walk in all awkward and nervous, no one is going to like you. The reason why you got the interview in the first place is because you are qualified, now is not the time to act all “look what I can do,” just be cool.

The Power of Reputation is a guide book to achieving success in any field through building relationships based on character, communication, and trust. So basically, you already kicked ass by being awesome in your interview (you’re welcome for my free advice), you’re in the company, now you need to be SUCCESSFUL. I mean, they can fire you any time they want. Author Chris Komisarjevsky explains that our reputations are our most treasured and powerful assets in the workplace. A lot of you are like me: you are pretty likable, you get invited to a lot of birthday parties, a lot of the time you discover that your supervisor wants to make out with you, whatever. The Power of Reputation is designed to help you become genuinely liked but also RESPECTED. I don’t know about you, but a girl like me could really use some of these reputation-building practices for both professional and personal reasons.

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