Tuesday, June 26, 2012

that shit cray.

I have never watched Jersey Shore, but I do watch E! News, so I've got the gist of the situation, pun intended. There's lots of smushing, partying, dancing, hair spray and brown skin. I mean to each their own, but if I want to watch a lot of crazy incomprehensible drama, I'll just turn on a Spanish soap  opera.

At the bar the other night we were talking about who our favorite Jersey Shore character is, because that's what a bunch of intelligent people talk about over dollar drafts. My baby brother said that Vinny (Guadagnino) is his favorite because he has anxiety issues, which baby brother can relate to. Turns out, Vinny wrote a book about it fittingly titled, Control the Crazy.

Vinny suffers from chronic  anxiety, and has since his freshman year of high school. In his book he explains his experiences in his own words hoping that his story will be able to help so many of you that have the same overwhelming feelings. Feelings that Vinny deals with on a daily basis. Control the Crazy is filled with all of Vinny's tips on keeping his cool. He relies heavily on healthy living, not belly shots at the bar. It's very personal and very real. I know that baby brother is comforted by the fact that he's not alone in the world with anxiety, that someone else is talking about it. Maybe I'm not a fan of the silly show, but I am a huge fan of this boy who is going to help a lot of young people by sharing his "use your mind, don't let it use you" strategies.

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