Sunday, June 24, 2012

YA quest novel.

In his physical life, Wade Watts is a poor and mildly overweight eighteen-year-old. In his virtual life on OASIS, he is able to live an entirely different existence as avatar, Parzifal. In OASIS, Wade can escape his awful aunt and his double wide trailer. Five years ago, OASIS, virtual reality creator and billionaire, James Halliday died, but before Halliday's passing, he offered up a pretty bad ass challenge. The first gamer to locate three hidden keys and unlock several gates will find a hidden room filled with gold beyond their wildest imaginations. As the years passed, less and less people attempted to find the hidden room. Only the most, extreme and dedicated gamers are still attempting. Gaining intelligence from taking classes with OASIS's free learning programs, Wade has been a real competitor. Annnnnd, I don't want to spoil anything, so enough of that.

First-time novelist Ernest Cline created this alternative reality in the young adult adventure, Ready Player One. There are a lot of 80's pop culture references throughout the novel that you 80's kids will totally geek out about. And the Sci-Fi aspect will reel in the teens who spend far too much time in front of World of Warcraft.

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