Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a little something for the herbivores.

Some of you are like me and think that eating low fat, plant based meals sounds absolutely atrocious. If loving bacon is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Well, I started singing a different tune after perusing Lindsay Nixon’s The Happy Herbivore and realized that eating green isn’t just for those of you like Little Foot and crew who don’t eat meat at all. Seeing as I am not someone who eats meat at every meal, I was totally into a lot of Nixon’s healthy recipes.  Eating vegan, even if it is just a few times a week, packs some major benefits for your bod. Those of you who want to begin a full-time vegan regimen can expect to lose major pounds in a matter of weeks. I honestly don’t know how vegans survived before this cookbook, which includes over 175 recipes. Their lives must have been much less fun. I have noticed that most of the ingredients required can be bought at your average grocery. Hello convenience. The only recipes I have tried so far are the smoothies, and I have absolutely loved them. There’s an entire Mexican section that I am dying to take a whack at. It includes nacho cheese dip.Vegan Mexicans? I’d pay to taste that.

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