Tuesday, May 8, 2012

everyday joy.

Did you know that researchers have estimated that 60% of your happiness is genetic? They think 10% of your happiness is determined by circumstances, which leaves 30% controlled by YOUR will. I don’t know if this will make you more depressed people feel better, or worse. Either you’ll take comfort in knowing that your emotions are not entirely your fault, or this will give you another reason to resent your parents. Regardless, you still have 30% that’s your responsibility. Own it friends.

Activate Joy: Live Your Life Beyond Limitations by AlixSandra Parness (who has quite the resume being an ordained minister, Doctor of Divinity and trained clairvoyant), is a self-help book dedicated to helping you find joy in every aspect of your life. Some of her fourteen chapters include how to be joyful, how find YOUR joy, how to connect with joy, and how to handle when joy is lost. Getting to know your “yabbits” or doubts and becoming more empowered. I will tell you that Parness is a little out there with her energies and alignments, but I know that some of you have used up all of your other options. So, before you get too comfortable on rock bottom, give this a try.

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