Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a story told in five voices.

Jessica Maria Tuccelli’s debut novel, Glow is not exactly what I expected, and not in a bad way. It is not your average historical fiction about slavery. So if it’s normally your style to read quickly, flying through the pages like a savage, don’t. Glow is on the shorter side, but it is also dense. Packed full to the brim with beautiful writing that deserves our time and care.

This novel is written in five different points of view, reaching back as far as 1834 and back up to 1941, so you need to pay close attention as you read. Racial violence is in full force for these (both) Native AND African American characters as they intertwine in each other’s lives. I have never read an historical novel that connected these two groups of people. It was very much a history lesson. Nice work Tuccelli, you’re the first person who has made me use my brain since I finished grad school.

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