Thursday, April 26, 2012

meet my part time lover, photography.

Ever since I lived in Myrtle Beach and worked as a beachfront family portrait photographer for a few months, I have considered myself a professional photographer. Even though I had no previous training other than a black and white photography class in junior college. I took photographs, I was paid, I am a professional. End of story.

Like most of you, I like to photograph the special events in my life. Birthdays, vacations, and especially concerts. You don't go to a concert all hyped up with your camera and your flask hidden in your bra if you don't REALLY like band or artist, am I right? Okay, now how many of your pictures turn out flawlessly? Zero. Because concert venues are dark and the lights are all flashy, and it's smoky sometimes, yadda, yadda, yadda. WELL, J. Dennis Thomas is a professional photographer that is here to tell us how to take fabulous pictures at live concerts with his book, Concert and Live Music Photography.

So if you'd like your pictures to turn out like...



You...well, you kind of have to pay up for the good seats. But hey, you might as well spend a couple more bucks on the book so you can get the money shot. Just look at that lighting, AH, love.

This is one of my not so terrible live concert shots...the venue was a very dark bar so I tried to brighten it up, looks terrible from where Thomas stands, but I still like the shot. These guys are part of the band, The Felice Brothers. You should check them out, they are a bit folky but very enjoyable. 

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