Tuesday, April 24, 2012

making every other kid at the lunch table jelly.

I have seen a few pictures on Pinterest of kid's school lunches that include themes and cute cut out sandwiches, is that real life? Do mom's really think to themselves, hmm, I am going to spend an obscene amount of time turning my child's lunch into a goddamn circus?

An example for you....


(Cute), but REALLLLLY???

I know a lot of you want to be the circus mom's and I understand the need to spice up your kid's lunch. You can only consume (and make) so many PB&J's before you get super bored. If you want to be supermom, are stuck in a lunch box rut, or have an extremely picky eater, Kate McMillian and Sarah Putman Clegg have the recipe book for you. The Lunch Box: Packed with Fun, Healthy Meals that Keep them Smiling is exactly that, a recipe book that compiles a bunch of varied lunches that kids will love. These ladies have a realistic introduction to their book, that answers my earlier questions. No, most parents do not have the time and energy to pack a new, exciting lunch for their children each day. McMillian and Clegg sure do make it easier for those of you who would like to try, AND they explain what each aspect of the lunch will do for your child. What will fuel them, engage them, and the easiest way to transport and eat everything they bring to school.

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