Friday, April 27, 2012

it's okay to be butch.

I grew up with all brothers, and I thank God daily for never sending me a sister. I have girl friends and everything, I am not some crazy person, I just know that having a sister would be an absolute disaster. The competitiveness of it all is just too much pressure, the sister would wind up dead, I'd be blamed, it would be all over the news, and that's all really unnecessary if you ask me. God knew better. Now a sister-in-law...that's an entirely different story. I am getting one next month, and I think we'll get along just fine. It helps that she's a great cook. It also helps that she made the family bacon cupcakes from The Butch Bakery Cookbook by David Arrick for my brother's birthday.

You heard me. I said BACON cupcakes. This cookbook is all about baking cupcakes with such ingredients. Bacon, beer, kind of baked goods let me tell ya. I brought some Jameson chocolate home from Ireland for the manfriend and it was a dream. Arrick has us putting Jack Daniel's in the frosting, and it is so creamy and delicious that I just might Google him right now to see if he's married. There are more than thirty different recipes to try. I am looking to get this new sister-in-law friend of mine to whip up a batch of the Rum and Coke cupcakes next time.

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