Sunday, April 15, 2012

i rarely do posts that don't involve reading but...

I have been in Queens for spring break visiting my manfriend. A substitute teacher's spring break is not nearly as glamorous, but it was fun to have this time off to hang with my squeeze. The weather has been improving every day here in the big apple, and we have been taking every advantage of it.

Yesterday was a beautiful 70 degrees in Manhattan, and we spent the day rollerblading, laying out in Sheep's Meadow (one of the many places in Central Park where people set up camp on a beautiful day), and kissing. Heavy on the laying out and the kissing. It was one of those perfect Saturdays.

My guy is always teasing me, telling me how the locals can always tell that I'm not from here because I talk to everyone who crosses my path. That happened a lot while rollerblading through Central Park, especially since I didn't know how to stop properly.

 There were no casualties because of my commentary. You're welcome NYC.

 If you're lucky, cool people who play instruments will sit close by and entertain you while you're laying out being lazy.

Getting sun burned... 

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