Wednesday, April 18, 2012

i am ahead of the game for once.

I know a lot of girls (even some of my friends) who love Bethenny Frankel. They read all of her books, DVR her reality show, and probably even watched her on that god awful Skating with the Stars competition. I have no beef with her, she IS behind Skinnygirl Sangria after all. However, she's not my favorite reality television star. Says the girl who has Coco in her top three. Bethenny kind of rubbed me the wrong way with her Naturally Thin book. I love it when a skinny girl tells me what she does to be "naturally" thin, NOT. But anyways, I wanted to give her another chance...

(this helped)

That being said, no one is paying me to tell you that I enjoyed her novel, skinnydipping. Loving the lowercase title, I love typing in all lower cases, I just don't do it on here because I am trying to be professional, obviously. I DID really like it, it kind of reminded me of Bethenny (in a good way), which fans will love. You can absolutely "hear" her voice behind the storytelling. I have to admit that she is mildly funny, and the heroine, Faith has a lot of funny in her also. It's a story about a girl who's life fell apart in one place, and she picked it up again in another by starting her own business and giving her loud mouth a try on a reality television show (sound familiar?). It's a fun read, and who doesn't need a little more pajama pants reading fun in their lives? skinnydipping hits the shelves May 1st!

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