Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy valentines day lovers.

You wouldn't know this by looking at me now, sitting in my bed, eating a bagel, drinking hot chocolate with a little debbie on deck for dessert, but I DO try to eat healthy. I have been trying to even more recently, but Valentine's Day makes it's own rules. However, I will take the time to review Weight Watcher's One Pot Cookbook for when I begin to watch what I eat again....tomorrow.

As you can see by the title, Weight Watcher's created this cookbook specifically for the different "pots" we cook in on a regular basis. The casserole dish, the crock pot, the wok, the dutch oven, etc. I'm a simple eater, I am not drawn towards frills and cheeses that I cannot pronounce. This cookbook has extremely easy recipes that are also are more interesting than your average grilled chicken and salad type dishes.

Sneak Peak!

A healthy and delicious meal idea to make for your valentine.
Or if you're single, to keep you from gorging yourself on chocolate.
You're welcome.

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