Monday, February 13, 2012

seniors and technology.

I don't know about yours, but my family is pretty technologically savvy. We get it from our mother, who has also influenced our grandmother. My grandma has a Facebook and a Smart phone that I don't even know how to work. My dad on the other hand signs his texts "Love, Dad" because he still has no idea that his phone number and contact name comes up on our phones when he texts us. My point is, not all old people are tech illiterate, and some people (like my dad) are just hopeless.

If I was seventy years old and someone bought me iPad 2 For Seniors for Dummies, I would probably kick them. Well, I would take the book and then kick them, because it's actually super helpful and really easy to read. Author Nancy C. Muir explains (in a very not obnoxiously large size print) how to use iCloud, E-Reader, Videos, Maps, iTunes, FaceTime and other social media and applications. Every aspect of the iPad 2, iPad and iOS 5 is covered in this resource.

I recommend it for EVERY age. Don't worry eldery folk, I have your back on this one.

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