Tuesday, January 24, 2012


We are all well aware that my blog is not exactly small child appropriate. Which makes sense, because I am not small child appropriate. Yes, I do edit myself in the classroom, I am not a complete....idiot. Did you know that saying "crap," is a bad word in school? So many rules. My point, this post IS small child appropriate because it is a children's book. I have got to figure out a way to put these under a specific category.

How Do You Feed A Hungry Giant? A Munch-and-Sip Pop Up Book written by Caitlin Friedman and illustrated by Shaw Nielsen is a picture book with interactive surprises. It features eight recipes that can feed one hungry giant, eight hungry kids or two of me. Considering my taste in food is about the same as a seven year old's, I totally dig these recipes, and they are huge. A chocolate chip cookie the size of a pizza? A pasta mountain? The biggest burger in the world???? What a fricken concept, oh excuse me...what a GREAT concept.

This book is a fabulous way to get the young ones into the kitchen, where you will proceed to make a giant mess of yummy-ness for all of your hungry giants. You could probably avoid a mess if you tried, but kids covered in sauce IS pretty adorable. Says the childless twenty-six year old.

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