Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ding dong the witch is dead, but not really because the wizard of oz is still everywhere.

Once in a while, to save money, my friends and I (and usually my little brother) will rent a movie, order in pizza, and drink cheap wine out of the bottle on a weekend night. The last time we did this, after we finished the movie, we checked to see what was on T.V., then proceeded to get sucked into The Wizard of Oz movie, rewinding it over and over again to the part where you supposedly see someone hanging themselves in the background. It's around the "follow the yellow brick road" sing-a-long part. Extremely creepy and weird. The Wizard of Oz has always terrified slash fascinated me. There are just so many rumors surrounding its making and its actors.

Rufus Butler Seder recently created a scanimation book of The Wizard of Oz for those of you die hard fans. This book has nothing to do with my introduction above, I just have the tendency to make everything about me. Anyways, scanimation is a newer (last five years) type of book that appears to make animals and other living creatures move on the page. Kids go crazy over it.

Butler brings to life ten iconic scenes from The Wizard of Oz in this scanimation book, including the Munchkins sing and dance scene. And who doesn't love a good Munchkin nightmare?

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