Monday, February 7, 2011

the family who opened the world's eyes and ears to musical theatre.

I think it goes without saying that a biography written about The Hammerstein's, by a Hammerstein, can beat up all of the other biographies based on this family. I mean, seriously.

The Hammerstein's: A Musical Theatre Family written by Oscar Andrew Hammerstein III covers FIVE generations of this extremely talented family business that changed Broadway forever. The Hammerstein's influenced the development of American musicals even before the Rogers and Hammerstein team made their permanent place in entertainment history. Although Oscar II  (grandfather) is the main focus in this bio, Oscar Andrew has still created an incredible history piece, filled with pictures, background and important events of his family's legacy. He will be the first to admit that although his family, especially Oscar II, played a major role in the creation of Broadway, his grandfathers work was not flawless. This bio is based on the Hammerstein's success as well as their personal story of an American family living the American dream.

Carousel, The King and I, The Sound of Music...all have some Hammerstein in them. Come on! Even you twenty-somethings can appreciate these Broadway favorites.

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