Sunday, March 6, 2011

i only wish i could be this honest.

I've noticed recently that many people are writing sexual/dating tell-all's, getting them published and making some major dollars. Some are raunchy, some are mildly disturbing, and few are so incredibly honest that you cannot help but fall in love with the authors, no matter how screwed up their life is. That is how I feel about Kristen McGuiness in her dating memoir, 51/50: The Magical Adventures of a Single Life. I have seriously considered writing my own memoir of my dating/sex life. People have begged me for years, and continue to ask me if I am still working on it. The fact is, I don't think I could bring myself to be 100% honest. Even a down played version would be entertaining, I'm sure, but what would be the point?   Maybe, hopefully, possibly, one day I will get the guts to put it all out there on the table like Miss McGuiness. Until then, I am happy to share my stories with girlfriends over cocktails.

Kristen is a thirty-year-old, single, alcoholic, living in L.A. who is going on a mission to have 51 dates in 50 weeks, in hopes of finding the man who is perfect for her, and her flaws. She is so open about her life, I could not help but wonder - why in the world is this woman telling her secrets to a stranger like me? She was addicted to cocaine, she has herpes, she was rather promiscuous; she's not exactly the kind of girl to bring home to mom and dad. Kristen is well aware that she and perfect are at opposite ends of the spectrum. This quote from her book about the difference between non-alcoholics and alcoholics says a lot, "they want to do things the right way naturally, and we have to work at it all the time." I feel that it's the perfect quote for any addiction, addicts have to wake up every day and work hard to be good. I feel for her.

Kristen titles every chapter with the date number, and a clever title describing a bit of what is in store. She is quite witty with her descriptions, holding nothing back. She brings in family and friends as well, fitting information in when it's necessary and relevant. Her dates do not always include different men, she does count second dates and so on as well, so you get to see some relationships progress. Although by Date 24, Kristen begins to have a hard time keeping track of all the men in her life. I don't see the problem.

Does this memoir end with a happy ending of love and marriage? No. But since when is love and marriage a happy ending anyway?

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