Monday, February 7, 2011

WWII fiction.

In The Postmistress, author Sarah Blake looks at World War II through the eyes and life events of three distinct women all connected through means of private and public media. If you are looking for an historical account of World War II, this book is not for you. This novel is the story of Frankie, Emma and Iris, and how this monumental war affected their lives.

The Postmistress is set in the time immediately before the United State's involvement in World War II. Frankie is a female journalist working in London. Emma is a young, vulnerable wife whose husband has decided to go to London to see where he can apply his medical skills to help the English war effort. Iris is the spinster postmaster for a small town in Cape Cod. Emma and Iris are connected by location, as they both live in the same town, and by Emma's letters to her husband. They feel a connection towards Frankie through her radio broadcasts, as she fights to bring the truth of the war to Americans, using the first portable voice recorder (cool side note). Ultimately, these women's lives are brought together by tragedy.

It's not perfect, but it is read worthy.

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