Sunday, August 22, 2010

magic venom.

I enjoy when an author brings certain characters from one book to the next. Joan Brady does this with ex-con character, David Marion in her newest thriller, Venom. Many of you will recognize him from her book, Bleedout.

In Venom, David must disappear after an explosive encounter with a hit man. David's efforts to discover who is trying to kill him eventually leads him back into the arms of Helen Freyl, friend and lover.

Wealthy Springfield, Illinois resident physicist Helen Freyl owns a farm in Caton, Alabama. On her farm is a special honeybee hive that produces a type of honey, which can heal people. Helen accepts a fellowship working for the Follaton Medical Foundation in London, where she joins a team on the verge of developing a cure for radiation poisoning.

Helen has thought all of this time that David was dead, and has been grieving the loss of him. She finds him again after realizing that her life is in serious danger because of her medical venom. Together they fight for their lives against a background of corruption and industrial espionage. You will learn how far one will go with their greed, when a venom which should be used to save lives, only causes tragedy.

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