Monday, August 23, 2010

light and funny.

Ladies! Forget the fast approaching fall months ahead and hold on to summer by continuing to read summer novels. Yes, it will still get colder outside, but you can just pretend it's not by picking up a copy of The Summer We Read Gatsby and living vicariously through author Danielle Ganek's fabulous characters.

Half-sisters Cassie and Pecksland (aka Peck) have very little in common and they don't know each other very well as adults. Their lives are slammed together by their dead Aunt Lydia who left them a cottage, named Fools House in Southampton. The girls couldn't be more different; Peck an extrovert, a wannabee actress who thinks the world is her stage. Cassie, the sensible, responsible sister, who is wanting to quickly get Fools House sold and get on with her life. But, there beloved Aunt Lydia was a devotee of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby (thus the title), and she instilled that same love in her nieces. The book, and all their aunt loved about it, is the source of Peck and Cassie's greatest memories of their aunt and the cottage.

Throughout the summer, the girls live together in Fools House, finding love, finding mystery, and ultimately finding the importance of being sisters. With long-lost loves, an unwelcome house guest, over aggressive real estate agents, and posh Hampton parties, the sisters find enough adventure to keep you intrigued throughout.

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