Sunday, August 22, 2010

eat, pray, love.

So I read Eat Pray Love as fast as I could because I had a date to see the movie with my mother. I don't work well under pressure, so of course I didn't finish it in time. I made it through Italy and India, but was in the dark when it came to Indonesia while watching the movie. I kind of liked it like that though because then I finished up the book when I came home - and was extremely happy with both.

Author Liz Gilbert went on a journey to find pleasure, God, and a way to balance the two in her life. She went to Italy, India and Indonesia through the course of a year to find this balance. Italy was her search for pleasure, which she found in the language and the food. India was her search for God, which she found in an Ashram with the help of her guru, and other lovable characters. Indonesia was her search to find balance between pleasure and religion; a way to have them both equally in her life.

Liz was very detailed while writing about her journey. There was a history lesson through every place she visited, which a lot of you will enjoy. She very open about her personal life. I laughed out loud and cringed equally. It was extremely spiritual, I chose to use that word because being spiritual isn't scary. It's not filled with pressure to believe a certain way. It is a book that shows you to be open to all kinds of prayer, so that you can choose how you will talk to God (whichever God you prefer).

We all need to find balance in our crazy lives - Eat Pray Love is a true story that may help you find the right balance in yours.

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