Sunday, August 22, 2010

i'm backkkk.

Forgive me friends, and my lack of writing anything on this blog. I have been traipsing around Europe, I'm sure you understand.

I always have good luck buying books in airports. It's a tradition at this point. When I have a long flight, or a long layover - I will purchase a book from one of the many bookstores around, to help pass the time. I am well aware that the reason why I am lucky in loving these books is because they are all bestsellers. But shh, it's a fun thing I do with myself.

Before boarding my flight to London, I grabbed a copy of Charlie St. Cloud - which is also a movie coming out soon, (another bonus because I adore book-to-movie novels). It was actually a slow start in reading because I didn't realize I was going to have a TV/Movie on demand type situation on my plane, (thank God for that). Throughout my journey, I read bits and pieces - traveling country to country. I ended up finishing it while being stuck in the God-awful Philadelphia airport for a million hours because my flight was delayed. I still hate Philly, but I am glad I got to finish reading Charlie's story...

Charlie and Sam were brothers and best friends. Being three years apart in age did not keep them from doing everything together. On the way home from a Red Sox game, where Charlie was driving illegally with Sam and Oscar (their beagle) in tow, there was a terrible accident. The three of them crossed over to the other side, and Charlie was the only one to return to this world.

Charlie spent a lot of years blaming himself. The death of his brother stopped his world from spinning, and he simply stayed put. He grew up, of course, started working at the cemetary, which was a little morbid if you ask me. After a few years he was in charge of the entire grounds keeping of the place. He lived in a little cottage on the property - and every night as the sun set, Charlie would go deep into the woods and play catch with Sam. Yes, his dead brother, Sam.

Charlie was different the most people, his moment on the other side of life brought him a gift. He was able to see the dead before they crossed over. He saw them at their funerals, he saw them for as long as they decided to stay - to watch over their loved ones. He saw them when they were ready to cross over themselves, and leave earth behind. Charlie and Sam made a promise to each other. Charlie would meet him every night to play catch, and Sam would not cross over. This kept them both in limbo - not able to move on with their lives.

Things changed once Charlie met Tess. He had other women in his life before, but none ever understood why Charlie wouldn't go away for a weekend, or spend the night. He found it a bit hard to explain that he had to be home in time to play a round of catch with his brother, who was long dead. Tess was different though, she was beautiful and daring. She understood the feeling of losing someone, not being able to let go.

There was one thing that was strange about Tess, she could see Sam, just as clearly as Charlie could.

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