Friday, April 22, 2016

hi, can i work for netflix?

Attention all bosses, supervisors, and managers! When your employees feel supported and respected, they are more productive, engaged, and achieve MORE at work. In case you didn't know. If your goal is to create a more positive workplace you MUST read David Burkus' latest, Under New Management which includes quotes and tips from companies that are totally killing it.

Chapters are dedicated to concepts such as no longer tracking vacation days (hi Netflix), better focus in the workforce by taking away email distractions, and making salaries transparent. A huge part of this book is taking what you thought were best practices, and changing them. What works for your company may not work for another. What worked in the past, may not work today. You need to take your employees into consideration. Put them first, and watch your business improve and your profits increase. “Great leaders don’t innovate the product, they innovate the factory.”

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