Monday, April 25, 2016

enjoyable read.

There are two terrific storylines in Mary Higgins Clark's latest mystery novel, As Time Goes By. The main plot is a murder trial that involves the socialite wife of an Alzheimer’s victim who is being charged for his murder. Betsy Grant refuses to take a plea deal for the murder of her husband, and is determined to prove her innocence in a trial. The television journalist assigned to the trial, Delaney Wright believes Betsy is innocent and is determined to help, while also juggling her own personal life. She wants to find her birthmother and enlisted her friends Alvirah and Willy (sound familiar?) to help.

It was all a little predictable, but after watching Narcos on Netflix and being scarred for life, I needed a novel that was interesting but didn't give me nightmares, and this was definitely the one.

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